• MAX Grow Lights have been in The 420 Times testing labs for a complete grow cycle -- and the results are amazing. For those growing with high pressure sodium setups, the time is right to go LED we did with MAX Grow Lights, and love the results.

    Dave Brian , the420times.com
  • While perfecting our nutrient formulas, we found it important to test every aspect of the growing method. Lighting was an important element with much to choose from. After several tests with other lights on the market, we found a favorite in the MAX600 from MAX Grow Lights. Not only did our test plants thrive under these LEDs, with all nutrients tested, but they were also a money saver on our electric bill! When it comes to it, MAX Grow Lights are the best choice out there on the market.

    Sheila Keller , MyGrowPhonics
  • MAX Grow Lights make me hate all my other lights with a passion. We have a new sayings in the garden now when someone fails to meet our standards… "Why can’t you be more like Max Grow lights, just out shine everyone?!” I’ve got 4 different lights right now in my vegetation room ranging from HPS to an 8 Bulb T5 and now…well, now I want Max Grow Lights everywhere!!!

    Vanessa Kelly , Green Lion Farms
  • At Survive Green we dedicate ourselves in protecting and developing our high end organic nutrients, as well as studying various environmental elements of organic growing. We have tested almost every type of LED grow light there is. We found that the Max600 LED grow light from MAX Grow Lights outperforms any other LED grow light. In our opinion, MAX Grow Lights are not only the best LED light we have seen, but is also the best option for greenhouses and indoor growers... hands down.

    Jim Landers , Survive Green


  • Manufacturing
    Specialty Lighting
    for over 30 years

  • Grow light developed
    via NASA R&D

  • Made in the USA

  • Affordable Price


The MAX Grow line of LED grow lights was designed based upon the principles developed by NASA to grow plants in space. Our lights do not simply use blue and red spectrums of light but use a full spectrum of light which NASA determined was needed for healthy plant growth. With the addition of added spectrums of light our MAX grow lights produce a whiter light that is beneficial for growth and vegetation.


Max Grow Lights is a LED grow lights company. We provide high quality indoor lighting with our powerful MAX-600 LED grow lights system for up to 12 plants as well as specialty spotlights with our red grow lights and blue LED grow lights.

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